Highlights of PanchangaShikshan

The BVN's education prospect is multidisciplinary which brings various branches of learning together. The entire system has been developed on the Vedic principles of education. “The divine life that would liberate the child from all bondages and lead to identify his/her real self” The unique multidisciplinary PanchangaShikshan attempts to unfold the child's inner perfection.The following five aspects are incorporated in this module.

1) - SharirikaShikshan (Physical Education)

Physically fitness is the basic pre- requisite of all human accomplishments. A sound mind in a sound body emphatically authenticates this maxim. The basic objective of physicaltraining programme is to bring up our children with physically active and capable of withstanding every physical endeavour.

2) - Yoga

Yoga is one of the greatest gifts that our ancestors have contributed to human race. The practice ensures holistic development of the body, mind and spirit.

3) - Music

There is music in all things, one of the key elements of unification of our existence is music. Hence we have included music as an important aspect of learning in PanchangaShikshan.

4) - Sanskrit

Sanskrit is a classical language and is considered as the mother of all human languages as the boundless philosophical virtues and values embedded in this holy language are capable enough to enlighten the children to lead a refined and worthy life.

5) - Naithikam ( Moral and Spiritual Education)

The basic objective of education is to mould the child into a true citizen imbibing ethical and spiritual values of our heritage.


Skill Enhancement Activities

In order to achieve all round development of students,viz,the physical, intellectual and cultural realms, under the umbrella of Vivekananda Public School, the following facilities have been made mandatory.

Sports Academy

As the proverb goes, “ A sound mind in a sound body” the school has realised the need for it’s students to be physically fit. To achieve this goal a Sports Academy has been opened. This assumes paramount importance in a society plagued by “Life style disorders” crossing all age barriers. Besides the academy intends to find out the budding talents and to nurture them into force to reckon with.

School of Letters

This facility is implemented to develop the student's in the intellectual realm plane. This will design and coordinate the activities of Maths club, Literary Club, Science Club and Eco Club. The idea is to scaffold the students to Foster creativity.

School of Fine Arts

School of fine arts, as the name suggests, is to develop the talent in the field of fine arts viz. Music, Drawing, Clay Modelling, Embroidery, Vegetable carving etc. The facility not only trains the students with such inclination, it also searches for new avenues for participation; thereby to build skill, besides winning recognition.



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