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Building and Facilities

The Vivekanada Education Society has been renovating Vivekananda public school with a magnificant school building with adequate and required facilities. It provides proper facilities for all students from pre-KG to class X. It furnishes enough number of class rooms,staff rooms, toilets and has a good a good system of water supply.

Library and Laboratory

We have a well stocked and thoughtfully arranged library with a wide range of collections of classical and modern literature. Newspapers, magazines, periodicals and various publications are provided to enhance reading, writing and communicative skills.
A fully equipped science lab and maths lab empower scientific and mathematical understanding.

Computer Education

The school has a full-pledged computer laboratory and computer education to meet the needs of modern education system


A team of highly qualified and competent educators handle academics and guid students

Syllabus and medium of instruction

Ours is an English medium school following CBSE syllabus as well as a unit of Bharatheeya Vidya Nikethan operated by Vidya Bharathi. Here students learn four languages(English, Hindi, Malayalam and Sanskrit). The academic year is from 1St june to 31st march

School Mathrusamithi & KshemaSamithi

At the beginning of the academic year, a mathru samithi and kshema samithi will be formed from among the parent community. An active and supportive participation from the samithi helps the school to progress in all ways.

Panchanga Sikshan

Being a unit of BUN, our school promotes panchanga sikshan for the alround development of each child. Vidya Bharathi emphasises Sanskrit, Yoga, Kala, Kayikam and Naithikam for the purpose. These subjects are incorporated with the core subjects

Smart Class

Our school provides smart classes that enhances the teaching learning process, that lead to better performances of students

Co-Curricular And Extra Curricular Activities

The entire students are divided into four different houses with captains, vice-captains and patron teachers. The housewise competitions are held on various occasions. As also there are different clubs functions like science club, maths club, Literary club, heritage club and sports club.
Thus the entire systems collectively and co-operatively function together to bring Vivekananda public school to the forefront